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FileMaker 12 WPE with PHP and IIS not returning records correctly

Question asked by dtremmel on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by dtremmel

I've encountered an odd problem that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned up to this point. I have an installation of FMSA 12 on Windows Server 2008 RS with IIS 7 and the PHP that is installed with FMS. On any page that is designed to dispaly multiple records - either using a found set or a portal - displays the correct number of records, but only displays data from the last record in the found set or portal. So if I have a found set of 22 records, I get 22 copies displayed of the last record in the found set. I have a test box on my Mac (Lion), and there everything works fine. These web sites are working fine using FMS 11 on both Windows (which is our production environment) and Mac. This problem can even be reproduced (for me, anyhow) with the example database and PHP files that comes with FMS 12.


I have looked at variable dumps to see where the issue originates, and found that the problem is the data that are returned by the getrecords() method.


Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know if these is a solution for this, or is this an issue with the WPE that needs a fix from FileMaker?