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Need help with Multi level relationships

Question asked by scotty476 on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by rhlilienkamp

I am new to filemaker so please go easy.


Here is the scenario:


We have a family of clients that makes investments in a series of projects. Sometimes these clients invest directly and sometimes they create a company to invest in the projects and most of the time it is some combination of both.


There are several occasions where my clients have companies that invest in other companies that make investments and the companies can have several owners.


Ideally we want to maintain a list of individuals and companies and their direct ownership (one level down) whether it be another company or individual.


We would like to use that list to determine who actually owns what at the individual level or the company level. These can have 4 or more levels of ownership e.g. Project A is owned by CompanyC ->Which is owned CompanyB -> which is owned by CompanyA -> which is owned by a group of Individuals. The companies and indivduals can be on any level.


Is there a good way to do this in filemaker with the unknown number of and varying levels of ownership.


I hope this makes sense.


Thanks for you help,


Using FM 12