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    Variable height with side borders


      This is a problem for FileMaker 11.


      I have a client who has a number of layouts that are used for PDF-ing forms to be emailed to clients. Their current layout is designed for a single-page look, but they are having trouble fitting everything on one page in every case. The data can be divided up into sections to allow splitting across multiple pages. However, their current layout design involves a frame around the entire page.


      They would like to retain this design if possible, but I am scratching my head as to how to make this layout flexible in height. If I use multiple parts with separate chunks of data in each chunk, then I would set these parts to "reduce size of enclosing part" in the sliding settings and have the side borders to match. However, this would result in blank sections with no side borders.


      Is my only option to convince them to design a page without side borders? Are there tricks I don't know about?



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          Hello, Rob.


          One thing that can work is to use sliding fields with borders as your left and right borders. This allows the vertical lines to expand or shrink as needed. Don't know if that will work for your particular layout, but it's worked for me in similar situations.



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            Thanks, Mike.


            That's a good point. In the situation I have, though, sliding fields will reduce the size of the part to as big as required, but leave the unfilled part of the page with no side borders. FileMaker doesn't give you a neat way to fill a page - there's no option to "reduce size of the last record/part on a page so that it just fills the page as far as the top of the footer", and there's no "variable height page filler" layout part available. Do I smell a feature request?


            I think this might be a job for a "Virtual List with a Twist". The thought has occurred to me that a VIrtual List combined with a portal may do what I need. I'll keep playing.

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              Mike, Rob, and everyone else who might have been using this feature in FileMaker 11,


              FileMaker 11 (and earlier versions) gave us a perfectly simple way to draw a vertical line thru the entire height of the body of a layout (and any appropriate sub-summaries, as well), but FileMaker 12 has taken away this capability. (All you had to do was to start a vertical line in the header and extend it into the footer, and no matter what the size of the parts in between, the vertical line would be drawn to fill he space.


              I have reported this as a bug, and I would appreciate it if anyone else who relies on this feature would post a comment here:




              As you can see from this post, FileMaker offered a workaround that does not suffice, and I have supplied a sample database to illustrate the failure of the workaround. (No response to that so far.)


              I believe FileMaker pays attention to its customers, and the more of us who indicate this is an important omission in FM 12, the more likely it will receive some attention.


              Thanks, all!

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                Thanks, Morgan!


                I had either forgotten or never known about running a line from the header. I was aware of "trickle down" of vertical lines, but had never tried it over the whole page.


                Since this particular system is in FM11, I can use this method now while the client thinks about a letterhead/form redesign.


                I will see about adding my weight to your bug report.