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Discussion created by moj6054 on May 15, 2012
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Hi, every one.
I have a problem, for Product's code.
I want give code to product according product's category. I mean, I have :
category table(catID,CategoryName) in this table have some record (Board,CT,Cable,..)
Product Table(ProID,catID,ProductName) in this table some record
and link two table (category::catID - Product::catID)
I want give to this product a code like this: if in category table (Board's ID=1) then in product table, productID=11 and for second product in this table product'ID = 12 and go... and


if in category table (CT's ID =2) then in product table, productid=21 and second product in this table product's ID= 22


Please help me,
Thank you very much