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Export calculated tabs...

Question asked by johnbuckingham on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by beverly

As a result of a client migrating to another system, I am tasked with exporting data to a text file from a FileMaker 11 based system where Tab characters are included within a field.


If I export to a 'tab delimited' file, FileMaker converts the 'internal' Tab characters to spaces. Selecting other types of file (csv, merge) includes the Tab characters, but also adds other characters meaning I then have to post-process the exported data before importing it into another system.


As there are quite a lot of files to export and the task, once started, will need to be completed quickly, I would like to find a method where the file doesn't require any further processing. But I can't determine a way to do it.


Can anyone suggest a method?


With thanks in advance

John Buckingham