Advice: Changing a field to a global field

Discussion created by m.bodily.consulting on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by timwhisenant

I have a few fields CheckinDate and CheckoutDate that already have data in the fields and I think my database would benefit from these fields being global fields (because I have multiple layouts and portals across 2 tables).

What is the best way to update these fields to make them work globally but retain the data already in them?

>> I was thinking I should duplicate the field, export the original field data and import that data into the new (global) field.

But first I wanted to get advice/imput from other FM users and developers if there was another way about this, should I make a global variable of these fields instead? Do variables even function in the same way as fields? I am only vaugely familiar with the concept of global fields, variables, etc.