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    Problem Running Scripts from the server


      Hi there...


      I have a script that works fine when running from the client, but when I run it from the server as a scheduled script it sometimes hangs. Are there things I need to be careful about when running a script from the server? It's frustrating because I can not use the Script Debugger to figure out why it is hagning up.





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          Hi Eric,


          You haven't given much information about what your script is doing, but there are things you need to be extra careful about when running a server scripts.  The fact it sometimes hangs is more than likely due to a record lock happening and you aren't handling it correctly - the script thus getting stuck on the record it's trying to edit, but can't - then you try to leave the record / layout and this fails because it's stuck on the record it can't save.


          Some other ideas :


          1) Do you have a script set to run on opening the file (or perhaps a related file) ?  This could be running and executing code you aren't expecting.   In my opener scripts,  the first line is a 'if[ (patterncount( Get( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Server" ) > 0) or (patterncount( Get( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Web" ) > 0) ]' with a 'Exit Script' inside.


          2) Be anal whenever you edit a field / record.  If you edit a field, make sure it has a 'Commit Record'.  Also, check for an error and Revert the edited record if you get an error.   This is especially important if you are in a loop as you may never exit it.


          3) In loops,  use a SetVariable[ $loop ; Get( FoundCount ) ]  and in the loop, use a 'ExitLoopIf[ Let( $loop = $loop - 1 ; $loop <= 0 ) ]'

          That way, you'll never end up in a loop that you never leave.


          4) Check (I'm sure you have already) the server logs for any errors.  It may be there is an error reported that'll give you a clue.


          5) In your scripts - toggle the show script steps to the 'Server' setting - are you sure you haven't included a non-server supported script step ?   They may get ignored - but this could have an undesired effect.


          6) You may not be able to use script debugger - but you can add some logging to your server script  (never a bad idea).   Create a log table and a script which adds a record to it with the log data.  Make sure your log script restores the calling layout so you don't introduce a new bug



          Hope this helps



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            Wow, thanks for all of those great ideas - you have given me a bunch of stuff to check...


            I'll try to remember to come back and update this when I find out what's going on...



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              Stephen Huston

              Also keep in mind that if your script accesses data which is on multiple FM Server machines, it MUST be run from a Client as no FM Server can read data on a different FM Server.