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Unable to see client-hosted IWP DB

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on May 16, 2012

Good day. Having an issue with hosting a database via IWP on a client machine. The host machine is a Mac laptop, running Lion and FileMaker Pro 12. The desired client is a Windows 7 laptop. When we're at the office on a hard-wired network, both machines can get an IP address from the network and can see Internet sites, but the PC can't see the database via IWP. However, when I bring both machines home and put them on my wireless network at home, then everything works properly.


That leaves me with two possible culprits:


1) The network card in the PC has some setting that's blocking communication.

2) The network at the office has some setting that's blocking communication.


Unfortunately, I'm not smart enough on these sorts of things to know what to look for or where to look for it. (We're still running XP where I work.) Does anyone have any suggestions?