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    FileMaker 12 PHP API vs previous versions


      I'm starting learning the FileMaker PHP API, but much of the material around was created around FMS 9 and sometimes 10. I was wondering if there were many changes to the PHP API at all, especially modifications, but also additions? Is it worth going through all the earlier material not?


      I believe FM removed the PHP Site Assistant in 12, does this impact development or will I barely/not notice it?

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          The API is almost exactly the same as the earlier versions, so you can still use all of the old training materials.


          However the back end web functions are quite improved and there can be some significant speed improvements from moving to 12, so it's worth using that if you have the option.




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            James -


            Ditto on what Nick said about performance. I updated my site to 12 - no changes in code, just converted the database and ran it - and I'm seeing a 3x or 4x increase in response. It's great.


            Oh, and if you don't / didn't use the Site Assistant, it won't impact you at all.



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              Hi jamest


              The only important change to be aware of, that I know about, is that with FMS10 the API added the function "getValueListTwoFields()" to replace the now deprecated FMS9 function "getValueList()".  There are circumstances when the old getValueList will return incorrect results, so you should always use getValueListTwoFields and never user getValueList. 

              Note: Although the function is curiously named "TwoFields", it really is valid for any kind of FM value list.  The syntax that you may see in older training materials for getValueList($valueListName) just needs to be replaced with the new function name: getValueListTwoFields($valueListName).


              Also, new in FMS12 is "getContainerDataURL()".  As described in the knowledge base:

              To support progressive download of interactive container field objects in Custom Web Publishing solutions, your PHP code should use the getContainerDataURL() method rather than the getContainerData() method for embedded files, referenced files, and externally stored files.







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                Thanks Joel,


                Very helpful. I'll be wary not to get into that pitfall.