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    Mystery massive duplicates found in a database


      In an old filemaker database developed a while ago, we found a 20+ repeated records each have the same number of duplicates. Since the duplicates are so uniform and the number of duplicates like 44, I am suspecting that those duplicates should not be generated manually and might be some systematic error.


      Some background about the setting. The table which contains duplicates has participant visit info and multiple visits exist for each participant. A layout called follow-up contains identifiers for each participant and 15 columns of the visit form to facilicate the data entry for the multiple visits of each participant. Another layout contains the single visit form. I found that those duplicated records were not entered through the follow-up layout.


      I can not fingure out what went wrong? If you have any insight about these mystery duplicates, please share your thoughts. Thanks a ton.


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          command-d and command-f are very close on the keyboard....


          I create custom menus and disable the duplicate command.  Wish Filemaker would disable the command-d altogether. It's not like you really need to duplicate records that often anyways...  But since Filemaker with custom menu options this the first option I remove :-)


          In the old days this was easy with ResEdit... way back on MacOS7 :-)

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            If you create custom menus, then the command-d doesn't work when a menu is active, and that menu otherwise has no script associated with the command-d key combo.



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              Hi Liyan,


              Every table should have a creation and modification timestamp and also Account name create and modify auto-enters.  Hopefully you have them and they can tell you when it happened and who ran the script.  That helps pin it down the unexplained.


              Things to look for if no creation auto-enters ... Incorrect perspective when script runs is prime suspect.  Review all scripts which include Duplicate (script could have been on wrong layout), scripts which contain Import step and check if there are any table occurrences attached which have 'allow creation'  on.

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                I know people can hit Command-D and get duplicates, but 44 is an awful lot of Command-D's.  If I saw that many, I would suspect a script is doing it.  Do you keep a history of who makes changes to a field and when they do?  I recommend a history field so you can track down who has been making these multiple changes and how they were doing it. 

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                  I add a create/modify timestamp field standard to all tables and with the account/username also, some tables I also track the IPnrs.


                  Liyango  are you using relationships with the "allow records to be created" option?  This could be cause... If not used right you might create a new record instead of updating it.  This could explain the 44... To bad it isn't 42... :-)