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    Is it supposed to be the case that we can administer FMSA12 remotely?


      How would I get the FMSA12 in my office to be accessed from home for admininistration? I want to upload databases using the admin console, but I don't want to be in the office to do so.

      Currently I have Apple File Protocol to the office machine, a Mac Pro quad core tower, which I can leave running in the office.

      At home, and this is just a short test, but so far, I have Instant Web publishing access to the databases on my office machine, and I have FMNet access from FMP12.

      I can create, delete records, edit pre-existing records. It works a charm.

      When I'm in the office I administer the server from a start page.

      When in the office, the start page launches from an alias, and then the admin console launches.

      My question, is it possible, and if so how, to administer from outside the network on which the server is running?


      Frederick Sweet

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          yes and no, Frederick. It depends on the firewalls (sometimes) and other blocks that might prevent you from getting to the server. However, you seem to be able to get to the files with fmnet, so I'm guessing perhaps this will work:


          Type into your browser the IP (or domain name) to the FMServer and immediately after (no slash), enter the port as colon ( and 16000.

               examples: http://123.456.789.0:16000, or http://mydomain.com:16000


          That should open the start page, click the "Start Admin Console" button and start the administrator from your home system. Enter the user and password once it launches.


          See the FMServer 12 Getting Started Guide, p.47. Here's the direct link to the guide in case you don't have it:



          IF you are having difficulties, please let us know? There may or may not be other issues preventing this from completing.




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            Thanks Ms Voth.

            The console is now open and operating.
            Two errors on my part made this case.

                 One, inattention to details, I had entered 1600 instead of 16000 when I tried to connect. Thus, no joy.

                 Two I did not wait a sufficiently long time - now known as half a coffee- for the file


            to be sent to me from the FMSA server after pressing the  "Start Admin Console" button. After it was clear that a file needed to be downloaded to me, I waited, double clicked  admin_console_webstart.jnlp and that opened the Console credentials window for username and password, which worked a treat and I have successfully uploaded a fmp12 file from my local desktop to the server, thus saving a drive of 3.24 hours and a lot of frustration. 


            The reference was in themanual all the time, thanks for the link.

            On page 47 we may find:

            "2. Click Start Admin Console.

            Note If nothing happens, your browser might have downloaded the Java Web Start file but might not have started it. Check your web browser configuration to enable Java or automatically open downloaded files. You can also look for admin_console_webstart.jnlp where your browser saves downloaded files. Double-click this file to start Admin Console."

            Thanks again, and have a good one.