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    Searching a Field with Related Values only across the Web


      We recently upgraded to Filemaker Pro 12 and have published the database online to give us access to our information when we are on the move. We have encountered a problem with the Find function in certain fields. We can search edit boxes and we can search fields with drop-down lists in them. However, if we try to perform a Find in a field with a drop-down list that shows related values only the field appears blank and doesn't give the option of typing the search criteria in the field.I have attached a screen shot of both situations, one displaying the values from the drop-down list and one displaying the blank field. Is there a work around that anybody knows of? Thanks, in advance.

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          Hi, Bill.


          I believe the problem is coming from the fact that, in Find mode, FileMaker doesn't have a basis to establish a relationship in order to build the value list. With no parent record, it has no way of knowing what the related records are; hence, there are no related records; hence, there is no value list.


          In a case like this, it's probably going to be necessary for you to have Find mode go to a different layout that shows a value list based on all possible values rather than related values only. That way, FileMaker can build the list.