Using SQL to create records from FileMaker 12 and Go 12

Discussion created by worldcloud on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by steve_ssh

We all realize that FileMaker 12 does not support the INSERT or UPDATE SQL statements. Many of us have been using plug-ins to create records, push values, etc.


We can continue to use plug-ins with FileMaker 12, but FileMaker Go still creates a problem- as Go does not support any plug-in architecture. My concept is to enable Web Publishing on a FileMaker Server and post a PHP page which will take a SQL statement as a script parameter, trigger a script (on the server) via the Web Publishing engine, and then return a result. The result would be a 'error code' from the plug-in.


I realize that I would have to dedicate a layout and table occurence to access this PHP page, as all PHP pages access FileMaker within the context of a specific layout, but this method would prevent me from having to create a 'Utility' layout for record creation for each table in the solution. I hesitate to call it a Web Service, because that implies that the result would be returned as XML.


To utilize this server-side script, a 'hidden' web viewer could be used to trigger the script and the GetObjectAttribute function could be used to recover the error code as a test or number. The script could 'loop' until a result code is generated as the client script would no way of knowing when the server had completed the request.


On a more grand scale, I could see using this method to trigger any function which renders a text or number result; but at this time, creating records in a context free environment is my highest priority.


1. Has anyone tried anything like this?

2. Any reason this can't work?

3. Does anyone who which of the SQL plug-ins are capable of running through web publishing engine?