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Managing Container Fields in Go

Question asked by CCAS on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by JackRodges

As I've noted in an earlier discussion, the availability of all the attributes and functionality of container fields in Go requries that the user's privilege set includes access to "All" menu commands as well as the enabling of the "Allow Exporting" item.


The problem with this is that while I do need users to be able to "View" and "Export" items in container fields, I do not want them to have the unlimited exporting functionailty (the ability to view and export any and all data, system-wide) that is enabled by setting security options such that GO's container fields attributes can be fully realized.


Conversely, in FileMaker Pro there is no equivalent for Go's container field behavior. You cannot simply "View" the contents of a container field": you must export the field's contents (manually) or create a script to view the contents. Yet, it is true that you can script your way to your desired destination - and this isn't true of Go.


The Question: Is it possible to realize all attributes of container fields in Go without granting full "Export" access to virtually all areas of an application? That is, is there a way to enable the "View" and "Export" options of container fields in Go in isolation?