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    FM default printer


      The Print dialog box sets the FM default printer and the Page Setup dialog does not. How can I script changing printer properties for printing and then change back to the FM default printer? Since Page Setup won't do it, it doesn't seem possible.

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          Hi, John.


          The Print script step allows you to set the printer.





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            Hi MIke. Thanks for responding.


            Yes the print step sets the printer, but after printing, how do I reset to the default printer without printing again!. Normally, I print with the FM default printer (which is the Windows defautl printer) with it's associated properties. On certain layouts I need to change the printer properties and print. I want to then change the printer properties back to the default values. I don't want to print again to do this and I don't want to reset them on the next manual print job.

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              You need a printer management plugin as far as I know.  I am currently using MyFMButler's PrinterSwitch and it works fairly well.  It doesn't allow you to natively change the # of copies to print, but that isn't the biggest issue for my solution currently.