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Question asked by MicheleOlson on May 17, 2012
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A long term client wants access to their FileMaker database system using iPads. The connections will be via VPN.


The discussion for adding this feature began last December and the plan was to design iPad layouts for the needed screens. Approval for the new work arrived in early April. The next day FileMaker 12 was released.


Now the dilemma is whether to move to 12 or not. The client leans toward the move thinking that a design of the screens in 11 will not be able to use the features of 12 and would need to be redesigned when they do eventually migrate to 12. They are likely correct in this thinking.


It is not as simple as convert and build the new Go layouts. When the files are converted to 12 with their carefully designed layouts, the converted layouts look like *crxp* in 12.


Beautiful in 11, absolutely awful in 12!


Unfortunately there were too many elements [shadings, gradations, curves, etc.] that were added to buttons and other elements, etc. to furnish an appearance that is now possible in 12 with a theme.


Instead of 10 form and 10 list screens for FM Go; the whole database now needs a makeover. A simple conversion does not do it; applying a a theme or even choosing Classic and hoping for the best results in a mess.


So we are talking about revising 10 forms, 26 lists, and 24 form/selection screens plus adding another 20 layouts for FM Go. This will definitely require a LOT of time, much more than the client was anticipating, *methinks*.


In an effort to determine the potential time, I revised 1 of each type of layout and tracked the time, knowing that subsequent layouts would be faster as they could build on the decisions made in the first. The results: well over 100 hours to have decent layouts in 12 and that does not count the anticipated 50 hours for the Go screens.


One brilliant idea I had was perhaps time could be saved by not having separate FM Go layouts, but alas that does not work well either.


I've tracked all comments about 12 since its release and worked in it almost exclusively since the April release building new projects. I like 12. There are issues, but on the whole, I am positive about it.


But this is a dilemma I've just not figured out how to best address.


And so, I am looking for some fresh ideas on how to approach what will be essentially a costly cosmetic face lift and there is no way for the client to straddle a *fence* between 11 and 12.


Your ideas are appreciated.