Help with Execute SQL

Discussion created by pmconaway on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by beverly

Ok, I need some syntax help with the ExecuteSQL function. I can't get it to return a valid response.


I have a table "Regional Data_DB" and a field in that table "CTYNAMEA"


Here is the SQL I would like to run "Select distinct(CTYNAMEA) from Regional Data_DB"


I have a set variable script step with the following ExecuteSQL function as the calculated result. I assumed that the command as it stands now would return a list into the variable of all the counties listed in the records in that table. I figured a basic select statement returning one field should work. Unfortunately I can't make it work. The value returned is "?" which I am assuming is undefined.


"ExecuteSQL ( "Select Regional Data DistrictIRN 2.CTYNAMEA from Regional Data Data_DB" ;"" ;"" )"


What am I doing wrong? Thanks.