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Is it time we started to "think 12"?

Question asked by NickLightbody on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by BruceRobertson

I would be pretty depressed by the negativity on the lists about 12 if my own experience was not so markedly different.


Being from Britain I am used to the tendency here to talk things down - to criticise - to moan - but I find it surprising that so many folk on the FM lists are falling prey to that British disease.


So I thought it would be useful to start a new thread on ways that we can start to "think 12" and look forward not backwards.


Many of us can still remember the effort involved in starting to "think 7" in 2004 - we just need to do the same now - except the step is much smaller than in 2004.


The first job is to consider what are 12's big pluses - what does it do really well that we can leverage - areas where we can perhaps developm new answers to old problems?


Here are my starters - you will doubtless have others to contribute.


(1) It makes it easier to create good or great looking layouts


(2) FMS12 offers insanely great value list performance


(3) FMS12 offers improved WAN performance


(4) FM12 is pointing us as developers straight at iOS and thus a simpler less traditional approach to design


(5) The free release of FMGO12 highlights the importance of iOS.


If you figure items (1) (4) and (5) make sense then some time spent reading the Apple Human Interface Guidelines for both iOS and OSX is time well spent - search for MobileHIG.pdf and OSXHIGuidelines.pdf - btw I was surprised by how many apps I had used which I now realise were non-compliant with some pretty basic principles of iOS.


Now come back to FM12 and start thinking how to deliver a great new system - or a new interface for an existing system - based on these principles and your views on what strengths of FM12 you want to leverage.


Here is my first suggestion for "think 12".


(a) Traditionally when we want to view related information we create a portal displaying the relevant records - over a WAN you may have a wait whilst that portal renders - when you scroll it there may be some delay - almost inevitably.


(b) OK so what function does that portal offer? There are two functions - (A) It enables us to view a list of the records we may wish to inspect more closely and (B) it provides a summary or overview of those records which we can just want to observe - perhaps with numeric summary products.


(c) For me the first (A) is the most frequently used and under iOS we do want to simplify don't we?


(d) So how can we create an instant list of related records in order to click through into the detail we wish to inspect more closely.


So - have you got there before me?


Why not dispense with portals used for function (A) and use the new insanely fast value lists instead? You just need to generate the text to appear in the list - some appropriate summary string - this also offers the advantage under iOS that it appears in one of those great picker / popovers - which means folk have the pleasure of spinning up and down - considerably more pleasent than waiting for a portal to render.


It removes another layout element form your screen - aiding simplicity.


I look forward to hearing your views - please feel free to disagree - this is just my personal view.