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Pop Up Menus

Question asked by CICT on May 17, 2012

Has anyone managed to switch off the downward pointing triangle in a field formatted as a pop up menu in one of the new FileMaker themes?


We feel slightly themed if we do and themed if we don't at the moment. It would appear that if you select the original classic theme, then many of the new formats are not available and, even worse, none of the old formats. If you select a new theme, then you can't access any formats from the classic theme.


So far if we use one of the new theme based pop up menu styles (which are very nice) you have to have a very wide field, as the right hand side of the field demands space for this downward facing triangle and your text is wrapped out of sight if you have a single line height field. So for 2 letter intial type value lists, the field width has to be about 4 to 5 characters wide.


If you select the classic theme, then you can use the original pop up style, but are saddled with the thick black shadow, which unlike previous versions, you cannot restyle.


There is a lot we like about FileMaker 12, but do feel the themes/layout tools are still work in progress.