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      Does anybody know what the best way to utilize barcoding in fm go12 I would like to do it all native to FM. I need it for a inventory system for my company. Want to be able to label my equipment and then assign that label to a record.

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          You can use the barcode fonts that you can find on the internet

          for each barcode type you can find a font

          hope this will help you

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            Thank you but how do I scan with my iphone and have it input into a field?

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              Have you looked at the CNS Barcode app? CNS Barcode is a barcode scanner and creation app that can talk back-and-forth with FileMaker Go via custom URL schemes. If users need to be scanning quickly, the "handshake" between the 2 apps may be too slow, and you should look into bluetooth barcode scanners instead, which talk to an iPhone as if they were a wireless keyboard.

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                Thank you guys it was good advice.

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                  Hi "Coloradokid"


                  Be aware that the BlueTooth scanners, when activated, take the place of the on-screen keyboard as the input channel for another text or number field in the same record. You have to disable the Bluuetooth scanner as your input channel before you can enable the onscreen keyboard if you need to add text inputs to accompany the barcode info.


                  This switching back and forth is, IMO, a cumbersome user interface when compared with the input of barcodes via a barcode scanner connected to the USB port of a laptop.


                  Better that you be aware of this constraint earlier rather than later.



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                    Just came across this thread.


                    ZeroBlue is the number one resource when it comes to Barcoding in the FileMaker community.


                    We sell tiny barcode scanners, RFID readers and now Mag Swipe readers. We cater to Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as iOS devices. Check out our growing selection at store.zerobluetech.com. Feel free to chat us and ask questions.


                    Also, we generally suggest using the IDAutomation font for code 39 or 128 unless someone has a specific requirement.


                    We can help you get printers, and materials, too, labels, cards, etc. we don't sell those, as of yet. But we can directo you to places.


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