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    Multiple drop down menus as lookup values


      Hello. Being rather new to FM, I've been creating a design database for my company. I am currently attempting to build a layout within our database as an order form, with multiple (20-30) line items, each being a drop down menu. I'd like to select a product for each line line item, which would autofill the related fields on the order form (product size, price, etc..) by pulling the info from a related layout, which holds each individual product as its own record. I cannot seem to figure out how to create the proper relationship so that each line item (when a producted is selected), pulls the related info from the correct record in the related layout. After setting up the relationship, I find that FM wants to pull ALL of the related record info and autofill every line item within my order form when I select a product within any one of the line items. Sounds very simple....but I'm just starting here.

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          Hi fayman


          Are your line items in a portal - a related table?  Sounds like it is either a relationship problem OR it could be that the portal fields are overlapping the portal boundaries.


          What is the relationship you are using for the order form and line items?



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            I've done a similar setup in the quoting system we use in our database.


            For me it's easier to show than explain so i created a sample file and have attached to this post. Wasnt sure what version of FM you are using but the file is version 12.


            From the Orders layout, there is a portal of line items. clicking in the first field will show a list of products. Once you select a product, the information for the product is populated into the other fields.


            Hope this helps you achieve your end result.