Multiple drop down menus as lookup values

Discussion created by fayman on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by MattLeach

Hello. Being rather new to FM, I've been creating a design database for my company. I am currently attempting to build a layout within our database as an order form, with multiple (20-30) line items, each being a drop down menu. I'd like to select a product for each line line item, which would autofill the related fields on the order form (product size, price, etc..) by pulling the info from a related layout, which holds each individual product as its own record. I cannot seem to figure out how to create the proper relationship so that each line item (when a producted is selected), pulls the related info from the correct record in the related layout. After setting up the relationship, I find that FM wants to pull ALL of the related record info and autofill every line item within my order form when I select a product within any one of the line items. Sounds very simple....but I'm just starting here.