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Discussion created by planserendipity on May 18, 2012
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I've created a single-user, FM10 runtime solution ( for Mac & PC ) that I wish to sell commercially. The solution has backup and restore functions that export and import the users data as Merge (.mer) files. I've done this so that the solution is FM version independent, i.e. I won't be caught out by a change in FileMaker extension as has happened with FM12. My target customers have a full range of technical abilities from technophobes to enthusiasts.


Part of my solution utililises the excellent 360Works ScriptMaster plugin for basic file manipulation, i.e. creating a backup folder, checking whether a file exists, deleting files etc. The external functions are used exclusively in the backup and restore scripts of my solution.


So here's my dilema. Will my 'potential customers' be put off by having to install a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) onto there PC before installing my runtime solution?

I've created installation videos and a very comprehensive step by step guide ( with screenshots ) of how to install my runtime and a JVM but I'm still concerned that it's going to be a BIG barrier to the many technically challenged folk out there and may result in fewer sales.


Using the ScriptMaster plugin makes my backup/restore facility simple, elegant and intuitive. However, installing a JVM may be a step to far for many folk.


I'd be very interested to hear the opinions of fellow developers on my dilema. Should I discard ScriptMaster for a less elegant, 'FileMaker Only' solution or should I have more faith in the masses?







P.S. I'm a self-taught FileMaker developer of intermediate ability.

P.P.S I haven't converted my solution to FM12 because scrolling in list views is painfully slow.