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    Web Viewer and Google Mapping


      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if any one can help with a web viewer formating issue.


      I want to plot a GPS coordinate on a google map, which i've done, however its not in a user friendly format on my screen. It comes up with all the Google toolbars etc, and you can't clearly see the location on the map?


      I want to only see the MAP with the location positon in the middle of the box and nothing else. I'm new to filemaker and really don't know where to start... I know it can be done as i've seen some filemaker templates and they only show the map however I couldn't work it out.




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          I use a bare bones web viewer field for this same purpose.


          Set up a web viewer field and specify the following web address:


          "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=" & GpsExample::LatitudeWgs1984 & ",+" & GpsExample::LongitudeWgs1984 & "+(" & GpsExample::PointName & ")" & "&iwloc=near&hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=12&output=embed"


          GpsExample::LatitudeWgs1984 is a field that specifies latitude in WGS 1984 decimal degrees (the modern standard).

          GpsExample::LongitudeWgs1984 is a field that specifies latitude in WGS 1984

          GpsExample::PointName is a field that specifies a point name.


          You can control the scaling by changing the number in the last sequence "12&output=embed" to a different number. Try changes of +2 or -2 to see the difference.


          It's important not to mess up the syntax.


          There are more sophisticated ways to do this but this technique requres little overhead


          Change the parameter &t=h...  near the end to &m=m to specify a map rather than terrain view. There are a few other options with this parameter but I don't remember what they are. I always use the terrain view for my work.


          I've attached an example file (FileMaker Pro 11). Happy Mt. St. Helens anniversary.


          Good luck.

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            Thanks Karl,


            It worked perfectly and thanks for the quick reply.



            Sydney, Australia

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              Hi Karl


              You help me out with google mapping and now I have another couple of questions relating to mapping that you might be able to help with..


              I'm not sure if this is possible, but I thought i would ask..


              I work for an advertising company (large billboards etc) I have filemaker database which has the image and details of the billbaord including the Longitude and Latitude in separate fields, which I can map using google mapping, which you previously helped me with..


              A big part of our business is taking clients on SITE RUNS, ie this bascially means taking them around in a car to show them the sites.

              I would like to create a new layout with another google map that shows my current location (ie where i am currently in the car with my iPad) and then some how show the corresponding billboards within say 2kms radius. (in a portal) as there could be a few billboard grouped together.


              Thanks for taking the time to think about my idea

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                Hi Karl


                You helped with mapping of Long and Lat coordinates and i was wondering if you could help me again with plotting a number of long/lat coordinates.


                I have a search that locates a number of billboards (5 to 30 etc) i would like to be able to use this search to display the results on a map.   The map would show the "Panel ID" as the point using the Long and Lat coordinates.


                Is that possible?


                Thanks for your help..

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                  I absolutely LOVE google maps APIs, but has anyone used the Apple Maps API's? are they any good, are they similar to the Google stuff?

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                    Hello ajayz,


                    I have a method of doing this using kml but I have not used it for some time. I'll take a look at my code this weekend (too busy just now) and will send you an example if I can remember how I set it up.

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                      I would suggest you check out this thread : Re: viewing multiple records in a web viewer map.




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                        Here's the easiest way in an example file...




                        There have been various FileMaker solutions to this problem in the past but they have required getting a Google developer key, learning the Google API (Applications Programming Interface), and doing some major scripting beyond the ability of many developers. This new solution is simple. Nearly any FileMaker developer can make it work simply by adjusting a few fields.