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How To: Update a number field when calc in record changes?

Question asked by mr_scott on May 18, 2012
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My question is on how to ensure that a plain number field (CountCasesResult) is displaying the result of a calculated field (CountCasesCalc ) whenever changes occur to that calculated field - automatically. I'm trying to speed up a list-based summary report that I created with the help of Matt-squared (Matt Navarre, Matt Petrowsky).


I was manually running a replace command, but ended up creating a new calculated field, which is becoming a real drag.


I'd like this to be automatic, like FileMaker's indexing of fields for calculation purposes.


Currently, I have a self-join in the data file, along with these 3 fields:

CountCasesCalc - count of "case id" within the chosen analysis for the selected issue

uniqueCasesCalc - count of unique cases on a selected issue

CountCasesResult - Just a number field to hold the result.


I also tried this as auto-enter, like my HostTimeStamp, but it is not updating when the referenced calc (CountCasesCalc) changes:


Let (

~trigger = CountCasesCalc ; Case ( uniqueCasesCalc > 0 and CountCasesResult ≠ CountCasesCalc ; CountCasesCalc ; CountCasesResult )



The report seems much faster with the number field result compared to the unstored calculation I have now.


Does this require a trigger in the data file? Am I looking for the impossible? Any suggestions will be very welcome.


Thanks in advance.

- - Scott