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    Display container image from script


      How do I display a container image from script ?



      This is a sample of the section of script I want the signature image to display - the signature field is a container filed with a signature image.


      If ( Project Commencement ON ;



      TextSize( TextFont( TextColor( "Project Commencement"; RGB( 135 ; 0 ; 76 ) ); "Avant Garde" ) ; 13)




      TextSize( TextFont( TextColor( ¶ & "__________________________________________________________________"; RGB( 135 ; 0 ; 76 ) ); "Avant Garde" ) ; 13)



      & ¶ & ¶ &



      Project Commencement



      & ¶ &






      & ¶ &



      All Quotation End



      & ¶




      Any ideas


      Thank Bob

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          Bob -


          What you have is a calculation that blends text and container data. All by itself, this won't work, because the calculation result has to be either text or container ... and those aren't compatible in the same field. In order to make this work the way you want, you have a couple of options:


          1) Set up a layout that has a leading text field, the container field, and a trailing text field. You can calculate the leading and trailing text fields, but they have to be type "text", and the container has to be type "container".


          2) Set everything up as a web viewer. Export the container data to a temporary directory, then code the HTML to display the text, the container image, and the additional text as an HTML string, which you can then display in the web viewer.


          Of the two methods, the first is quite a bit easier, but if you're planning to use this on the web, the second method is more transplantable.