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FM12 as a simple stock market record?

Question asked by bumble on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by OllyGroves

Have just upgraded to FM12 and have seen the pleasant new coloured layouts. But it seems no real changes under the bonnet.


I had hoped that 'Assets' would enable me to draw up a simple list of stocks and shares owned, some denominated in $ and some in £.


Hoped also that it could be used daily/weekly to update a total value for assets as stockmarket prices changed.


Having tried it a few times, first by using my homemade Assets/Portfolio FM11 template upgraded to FM12, it seems to be hard work with formulas for depreciation etc which are NOT needed. Indeed, it is much the same as FM11 but with nicely coloured templates now.




1 Does any FM12 template offer a basis for a stockmarket record, ideally with auto inputs of prices from London & Wall Street?


2 Can an auto input of $/£ exchange rates also be incorporated?