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    Froodware offers FREE Address Book plug-in for developers


      Yes it is true, we are giving away our Filemaker Apple Address Book plug-in for free to any Filemaker developer!
      We just need to know if you're a real Filemaker developer… So if you want our plug-in for free, then send us an email from an address that is linked to a website that shows us that you're building Filemaker solutions.
      (for example daniel@froodware.com -> www.froodware.com shows we're doing Filemaker stuff)


      The same email address will be used to register your free serial number.


      - You do not have such an email address/website but you are a Filemaker developer?
      Send us an email and tell us what you do, and we'll figure something out.


      - You don't know what our plug-in does?
      Download a FM12 template with our plug-in enabled in demo mode from:




      Or check out our website: http://www.froodware...ressbookpi.html


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