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    What is the iOS equivalent to 'Numeric Enter'


      For years, I've programmed barcode readers for use with FileMaker Pro on Mac to append the 'Numeric keypad {Enter}' character to any scan. This has the same effect as clicking the [OK] button or pressing [Continue] and so instructs a paused script or dialog waiting for input to continue without recourse to the mouse or keyboard. I believe this also works with Windows. But I cannot achieve success by doing this for FileMaker Go 12 (or 11) running on iOS.


      Am I missing something simple, or is there a different character suffix required to append to get iOS to continue a script after a scan, please?


      Kind regards

      John Buckingham

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          Hi John,


          I'm not at all sure that I can answer you question properly but this I've learned.


          If it's a Bluetooth barcode scanner, there should be a way to follow the scan with an Enter, a Tab or Return character which can take you to the next field in the tab order of your layout, but I'm not sure there's any way of getting the scanner to click a Continue button. I think that's because on iOS, the Scanner has taken over the one channel for data entry. It has to exit from that input channel before the virtual keypad can be enabled. You can, however, use you finger to touch an on screen button without needing tp disconnect the scanner from the input channel.


          A different approach is to have your database running a script which pauses in Find mode waiting for input to a particular field when you invoke the barcode scanner. Completing the scan with an Enter will then continue the script and process the find. The attached screenshot shows the script steps that we use on the desktop.


          Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 3.54.28 AM.png

          I have not tested that this also works with the file running on an iPad with FM Go but could try that later today.


          I hope this helps somewhat but you'll likely get a more authoritative answer from someone with wider exerience than I have.