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Replacing contents of an auto-enter calc

Question asked by davehob on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by MattLeach

I have 3 tables, i.e. Bookings (BKG), Resources (RSC), and Organisations (ORG).

In the BKG table, I have a BookingRate field, which is an auto-enter calc (do not replace existing value), with the calc defined as:


Case (
BKG to ORG::ORG_BookingRate="Internal" ; RBK to RSC::RSC_RateInternal;
BKG to ORG::ORG_BookingRate="Standard" ; RBK to RSC::RSC_RateStandard;

The BookingCost field is an unstored calc, defined as (BKG::Duration * BKG::BookingRate).


It all works fine, with BookingCost updating when the duration changes, and BookingRate “frozen” against future rate rises.


But the user has now realised that he used the wrong rate for a week or so, and needs the costs of bookings during that period to be recalculated.

Easy, I thought – having changed the rates to what they should be, just Find all the relevant Bookings, and do a Replace Field Contents on the BookingRate field. But “Replace field contents” is not available for the BookingRate field. I assumed that this was because of the “do not replace existing value” setting, but removing that (temporarily, to enable me to make the change) makes no difference – I still can’t use “Replace field contents”.


I’m obviously missing something – can you tell me what?