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    "GO" Pricing


      Why is it that FM Go 12 is free but Go 11 is $39.99?

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          FMI since changed their pricing policy with 12 but kept 11 as it was. i don't think the old version of Go can connect to solutiosn hosted in 12. It's just an odd circustance that an older version is charged but that's how they did it most likely as an inducement to get people to upgrade to 12 since the tools for ipad development are much better in 12 then they are in 11.

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            Stephen Huston

            As Lemmtech indicated... but Not just an inducement to move people to 12,  it also puts pressure on us as developers with solutions out in the world to upgrade them to 12 so our users can use the free version for iOS.


            iOS users will put pressure on developers to move to 12 ASAP. And developers need to buy Pro or Advanced for development, so it all aims at improving sales of FM 12 products.

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              Fortunately very few of my clients are using iOS or ipads with FileMaker so the pressure on me is minimal but the same can't be said for others of course. I can sit on 11 for a while without any real outcry from my customers but I can see why people would be upset about this pricing policy.

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                Why should anyone be upset?  They charged before, now they do not.  You haven't received any worse deal with 11 then you had before.  Tough to criticize a company for giving you a better deal. 

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                  The problem lies with clients who are heavily invested in Go but for a variety of reasons are staying on 11 for at least another year or 2. Some of our largest clients can't migrate so fast for a host of reasons and considerations and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth having to pay 40 bucks for an app that is now free.

                  I completely understand why FileMaker has done this and I support it but our clients are not as understanding.

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                    Yes that is the crux of the issue as they say. If you are able to upgrade to 12 then great Go being free is a bonus but if you can't then having to keep paying for an old version of software that is now free may not sit well with some people and I can understand that.

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                      Well, maybe FM12 is free because it's so slow.  Once they get it working at a good clip, perhaps they will charge again for FMGo  and keep everyone happy. 


                      Seriosly folks, the situation with FM12 is difficult, and one can argue they shipped it too soon.  But have a little faith that FMI will sort this out as quickly as they can.  Despite all the hoorahs about the interface, I don't believe they can afford to not deal with these issues as fast as technically possible.  Keep your ears to the ground.

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                        I have in no mean meant to insult. Especially FM.  It does make a lot of sense in regards to upgrading but  I think I will pay the 40 and hang around on 11 for a while longer. Least till the exterminator comes.

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                          Well, maybe you could have two FileMaker Servers, one v11 and one v12.  The could share data as External Data Sources.  Granted you would have to be making new layouts.  But maybe you could run everything in 11, but on the v12 database, create iOS layouts to support the iPad/iPhone.  That way you could have a 11 database when you want it and the same data in 12 when you wanted it that way.  You would save you the cost of $39 for each iPad that you wanted it, but then it would cost you $999 for the extra server.


                          Does anyone know if FileMaker 12 can use FileMaker 11 as an External Data Source? 


                          I guess this got the topic changed a little, but it made me wonder in light of some people complaining about v12's performance.  Personaly, 12 seems to work just fine for my databases. 

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                            You cannot usea v11 file as an external database in v12. It will allow you to add it to the external data sources but once you attempt to add it to your relationship graph, you get a message saying the file needs to be converted.

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                              Rats... oh well... guess it was wishful thinking as a workaround.  Thanks for verifying it, Matt. 


                              I guess this is all the more reason just to move to 12 in my opinion. 

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                                I think FMI has given us all a wonderful opportunity by making Go 12 free.


                                Up until now, if we've had a GO solution to selll we have had to say "and by the way you will ALSO need to buy FM Go from iTunes". Now we can say "and by the way, you'll need FM Go which is a FREE download from iTunes".


                                I know which one I'd rather be saying...


                                - Lyndsay

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                                  If you have a Go "only" it's great as the customer will only have to pay for your solution and not Go. If your GO solution is tethered to your main solution via server it can be a  different situation of course although I can't beleive $40 for GO was a deal breaker for anyone. Given Apple's strategy of trying to dominate the world with iPads it makes sense that Go is now free it's all about selling as many iPads as possible and really has nothing to do with GO or FileMaker in particular.

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                                    I would imagine that there are a few logistics issues with the App Store to move a paid app to a free app.  Timing and waiting for approval from Apple, etc.  Seems like because FMI is an Apple company that it would be easy...but I've learned better. lol


                                    Plus I'm really expecting a v.2 relase soon from FMI.  I know, from conversations, that performance was a huge focus.  They have been gathering loads of sample files to pinpoint and correct much of the problem.

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