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    Get field name of max value


      I have values stored in different fields: field1, field2, field3, ...

      Another field finds the max field: max (field1, field2, field3, ...)

      How do I get the field name of the max field (e.g., field2)?

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          Since the fields are already known, construct a Case statement that returns the field name.




          maxvalue = Max( field1, field2, field3 ) ;


          field1 = maxvalue ; GetFieldName( field1 ) ;

          field2 = maxvalue ; GetFieldName( field2 ) ;

          field3 = maxvalue ; GetFieldName( field3 )




          Things get interesting if more than one field has the maximum value: this statement returns the first in the order the expressions are evaluated.


          This would be a LOT easier if related records were used instead of separate fields, particularly if there are a lot of fields.