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    Get Webviewer content on Go


      I have a file on the desktop which logs onto a website using SetURL then gives me back a token for use in the next step of the process, which I grab by

      GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "web01"; "content" )


      I am converting this to run on Go (iPad version), only this does not grab any content at all.


      As it is an iOS compliant script step I wonder if there is a trick I am missing at all? or if it does not function on Go

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          I will be more specific

          It does return the html content of a regular web address on Go


          but not when it is this:


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><response><token><![CDATA[0p8imfbvcnktb7b9kkceg6qavhteh2]]></token></response>

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            Hello Jrenfrew,


            Just wanted to let you know that I seem to recall having this same experience back when I was toying with the earliest releases of Go:


               - A returned HTML document was accessible via GetLayoutObjectAttribute

                - A returned XML document, i.e. top level element XML, was not accessible


            I never found a client-side workaround, but I did not pursue it for very long since, in my case, I controlled the back end and was able to simply change the server output to HTML.


            I seem to recall that, at the time, others were trying to access XML documents using javascript and an XMLHttpRequest object within an HTML page (that they generated and set into the webviewer object using a URL of type "data:text/html,").  My sense is that XMLHttpRequest would have failed for being a cross-domain violation.  That said, I can't remember for sure that it failed, and moreover, the rules with the Go webviewer seem to change in subtle ways with each release -- I think it would be worth trying the XMLHttpRequest approach in version 12, just to see what happens, and/or perhaps to stimulate other inspirations for a solution to this.


            Please let me know if I haven't been clear enough.


            Very best,