FM12 Containers - Observations & Question

Discussion created by OllyGroves on May 21, 2012
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Did first conversion of friend/client FM11 to FM12 this afternoon.


Some observations & questions...

( if i'm spreading mis-info / any corrections feel free to pile in - as this might be of interest to someone)



1. Background:


- Simple 1 user database on desktop mac with asset files stored on corporate network store (6GB, some big movie files - Ad agency)

- Why moved to 12? Drag & drop files + folder naming management compelling (non secure store method) + easy to flip back if all went wrong.

- Previously in FM11 - containers were via file references - pointing at network drive ( user manaually store file on server, right click, insert file into container, go to field/select perform to play in Quicktime player)



2. What I did:


Script to loop through and export FM11 file ref containers (x500) & re-import as new 'Insert File' to manage container externally (using 'Client/Project/Campaign' folder path calc to store on server).


note: files need to be embedded for FM to manage that step in conversion to FM12 (have to manually deal with file reference containers)



3. Issues:


- Little time to test at end day but Filemaker crashed (a lot) if used 'Optimise for Interactive' setting in inspector. Most obviously with PDF, Movies. (1 user db with files on network drive remember)


I flipped back to optimise for Image, then crashes stopped. Interesting side point - FM never tried to check/recover database from any of those crashes on reopen.


UPDATE: I tested same 1 user database with external files stored on network drive in different office today. All media player/pdfs worked ok. Must be something on clients local machine/network which caused the crashes with the interactive setting & filemaker. Suppose could be few things at work, network speed, protocols, firewalls, 3rd party app clashes,( just read a grumble Adobe Acrobat Pro elsewhere)



4. Other container behaviour changes / potential gotchas observed:


- Seems can't turn off drag & drop target area to an 'Externally' stored container, ever. I tried not allowing Field Entry in inspector, overlaying a transparent png. Overlaying FM object. Can still drag & drop a file to container.


You can manage via privilege sets. ( don't think turns off target area but nothing happens if drop onto it )


Gotcha: Imagine use case won't be used much in FM12 but *think* if want to force user to only Insert with 'File Reference' via new Insert File script BUT allow to interact with field. You would have to disallow access to field with privilege set but manage playback via scripts run with full privileges. (otherwise user can drag & drop and that file will be stored as embedded/external remote rather than as a file reference)


- Note: You can turn off drag & drop area for an old school 'embedded' container or 'file reference' by unchecking allow 'Field Entry' in inspector. However if script go to field to play means you get quicktime playback with no interactivity (not forgetting bug that crashes FM on windows on certain file types and quicktime).


- also discovered interactive optimised fields don't work in a portal. (missed that in the help)



5. Question?


Are all the previous insert file Script steps now essentially redundant as we have Insert File? (except for old systems).


e.g.. Insert Picture, Insert Audio/VIdeo, Insert PDF


New Insert File script step seems to work out File Type dynamically? or are they still needed for embedded file inserts - eg. play in quicktime player?






Olly Groves