Bulk up load of images to a container

Discussion created by ajayz on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by liyangao

I need to attached an image of a billboard against the billboards details *(panel number, address, price, size, etc) - I've created a table with all the relvant billboard details and want to link this to the image which is a .jpeg. The billboard Image has an unique 8 digit number (Panel Number) however there is no sequence to this number and there are around 3,000 images that I need to attach. Hence I don't want to do this manual.


The billboard details table has the "panel number" field with in its data, which matches the name of each billboard image.


I'm designing this for an Ipad using Filemaker Go as a means for our sales reps to look up a billboard image and data on the go and hence why I cant just create a network look up link,


I'm hoping someone as an easy way to bulk import images?