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    Missing Relationships in Notes Maybe??


      I recently purchased the Filemaker Pro version 12 and started from the Personnel Starter solution layout. I adjusted it quite a bit to work how we needed it. I transformed the vacation section into a notes section. Everything was working fine until last night when I uploaded 3,500 record and for some reason I cant view the notes fields anymore. At first it gave me an error " This field cannot be modified until “PERSONNEL ID MATCH FIELD” is given a valid value." But now I cant see the notes section at all. I am assuming I have a relationship set that I dont need. We arent using a Personnel ID field. We have a "Contact Name" field to distinguish between each but its text and not numbers. I am thinking I just need to adjust the table set up but I am not sure. I hope someone can help. I need to have this up and running by tomorrow afternoon.


      Thanks in advance!

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          I haven’t look at that started solution but using the Contact Name as a key field in a relationship is verboten! That’s why the personal ID field exists and why you were getting the error.




          Importing aside, let’s say you create a not for Jim Smith, then you find out the name is really John Smith. All the notes you created will be orphaned because they are looking for Jim Smith.




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