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External secure storage - local vs. Server

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

I'm working on a project for a small nonprofit. They have a desire to store documents "inside" the database, and, due to privacy concerns, they need to be secure. External secure storage is obviously a good choice in such a situation. However, I need to have a good feel for how well this would work in the environment.


They're looking at a very tight budget (naturally), so we're planning to operate in an IWP environment. I'm doing development at home, using the development Server license (for backup and demonstration purposes). I feel fairly confident that I can move the database from Server to local, but what concerns me is moving it from Server back to local again. There's also a desire (potentially) to go mobile with at least part of the operation, so running Go on iPhones may be in the picture.


How much of a problem is it to transfer a database with external secure storage on and off Server and on and off Go? What are the pitfalls? Do I just need to make sure the Files directory makes its way back and forth, or is there further trickery involved?