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Save as PDF image quality in v12 - any solutions?

Question asked by eswanborg on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by thosliot

We have several solutions that are heavily image-dependent. One of the changes we've seen in v12 is how FM creates PDFs. Some of our solutions need to generate PDF docs that are anywhere from 600-2000 pages, 11x17, and contain one to three images in addition to lots of text. The script we've written uses Append PDF to build the final file in 100 page chunks. v11 works well and without error.


What we've encountered with v12 is this same script now errors out and we cannot make it complete no matter what. We've seen the filesize increase in the resulting PDFs as well - the incomplete ones are larger than a successful v11 copy (which is several hundred pages longer).


Additionally, we've noticed that the image quality of the PDF itself is much worse - a lot of artifacting in the images. We've tested using External containers, local containers, etc. and no matter where the image is stored in v12 the resulting PDF is very low quality. We did notice that the Adobe PDF Library has changed from 8.0 in v11 to 9.1 in v12 and I'm sure that's at least partially responsible. I just wish there were a way to control the quality better when generating PDFs from FMP. This happens on both Windows and Mac. (I'm not sure the attached image will translate well, but believe me, in Photoshop it's very clear how different the exact same image is created in the two versions)


Anyone else experience anything like this with v12? Suggestions of how we should proceed or test? We cannot move to v12 unless we're able to successfully create PDFs that are of decent quality.