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    Check-in/Check-out System


      Hello everyone!


      My company is the proud, new owner FileMaker Pro 12 and the IntelliScanner Pro (Black, wired USB). I have been tasked to make a check-in/check-out system, where each employee would have a barcode on thier ID and would be able to be assignedand check-out various tech equipment. I am pretty novice when it comes to both pieces of equipment, so I was hoping for any help with this. Would there be a way where I or another employee would scan a User Barcode, then scan an Equipment Barcode to either check in or out something? Do I need another piece of equipment or program instead?

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          I see this is over 1 year old, but were you ever able to create a solution for this?  This is exactly what my company is looking for.

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            I dont find it difficult first of all you must build your database to assign things that each employee gets and then as i see it you need two buttons one to scan for the user and another button to multiple scan the equipments.....

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              you could make it even easier than that for your users.


              If you have a cursor sitting in a field with an OnObjectModify trigger, you could fire a script off (delay a second or two to wait for the scanner to finish inputting the number into the field), and then performs an action based on the barcode entered.


              As long as you use two different unique string values at the beginning of the staff or equipment barcode numbers, then you can automatically perform an action based on that value.



              If (left (barcode ; 3) = "111")

                 do stuff for this barcode string

              else if (left (barcode ; 3) = "000"

                 do stuff for this barcode string

              End If