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How to chart filtered records in a portal

Question asked by art on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by art

A simple illustration to my problem is the following;


I have a table with 3 fields and 5 records, viz. Bank, Amount and DeptCode. The table displays various amounts from the SAME DeptCode paid to 5 different banks.


a) DeptCode = same for every record (DeptCode='001')

b) Bank = 'bank1' or 'bank2' or 'bank3' or 'bank4' or 'bank5'

c) Amount = various


I can easily set up a pie chart to display Bank by Amount (5 Slices!). I display the table on a form layout by means of a portal along with 'other' information. It works well!! Something like a simple dashboard.


The problem comes in when i add another 'set' of 5 records in my table, eg. DeptCode='002' with the same bank names and various Amounts. I managed to set up 2 'DeptCode' buttons with related scripts passing my selection to a variable to act as portal filter. So I can happily switch between buttons to see my selected records! (As I only need to display the selected filtered records at any one time). Once again this works correctly. My problem is HOW do I get the Chart to update each time I change the filter selection??? Can this be achieved with Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced? Any ideas ...?


I could set up a different table accessing a different chart every time but this could be an enormous job especially if you ended up with 15 different deptcodes, each with 5 records ...