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Tip Wanted: Logging "I Agree"

Question asked by usbc on May 23, 2012
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Tip Wanted: Logging "I Agree"


We are all accustomed to clicking that "I Agree" button when we open up a software application for the first time.


I now need to include that acknowledgement in a solution and am considering various methods. The objective is not to prevent anyone from opening the solution, just to record the agreement. The solution will be opened on computers I will never see or touch. The method should be a single step for the user.The result should be logged locally on the client's solution and ideally posted to one of my servers. Because, again, I will not see or touch the the user's computer I don't think a plugin will work. (happy to learn otherwise) Cross platform required.


The logged data would likely include date, time, computer ID, IP address, operating system, (open for more suggestions).