Discussion created by DavidJondreau on May 23, 2012
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I had a client report an incident yesterday that I can't replicate and they don't have the skills the diagnose.


Running FileMaker 11 on Windows 7 connecting to FMSA 11 off site. At some point in the afternoon, "something" happened and an "Updating..." dialog popped up preventing the user from interacting with the computer at all. After 15 minutes, the user force quit the machine.


I don't know if the "Updating..." dialog was actually FMP based or OS level, but I suspect FMP. The users don't have the computer knowledge to distinguish between the two or to describe what they were doing before the


I've tested the db extensively before release and never encountered that. I think I've seen "updating" on a Replace[] but I've already removed that from the menus and don't have it in any scripts. Any ideas what would cause that?