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FM Templates, Custom Programming, Plug-In's or Integrated Software?

Question asked by joannetbell on May 23, 2012
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I have a client who is a lawyer and they are in a MAC enviornment. He also has FM Pro 11 Advanced and Server 11 Advanced. He wants a DB/ Program that will do the following: Keep track of his clients, including documents, tasks, notes, and emails. When this is done, all other lawyers can see this info. Manage and synch his emails, contacts, tasks and calendars with all other lawyers in the office on their mobile devices and calendars. Accounting and Billing options would be nice too. He enters in time to do the task and then he can bill from that or dump that data into a billing software that works with FM. Does FM have something already that does this or can anyone recommend programs that would work well with FM where we could share the data easily? I am open for any soltutions for MAC's that might achieve all of the above. Thanks for any advice!