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    Print to CD Labels


      Hey All,


      So I got a rocking database set up, hosted locally, and I'd like to simply add a print button. So when someone pulls up a record, and they want to print a CD label, they can just click "Print". I'd like to use a setup for a template label (Avery, Memorex, etc.)


      I've looked and looked and can't get this going. Your pro help will be much appreciated.



      Please treat me with kid gloves as every one can understand and I don't have to ask a stupid question.



      Awesome, thanks!



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          Stephen Huston

          My memory of printing CD labels from FM was that the labels came 2-up on an 8.5 X 11 sheet. I just set up a layout for letter size and added the elements where they printed correctly based on hand-measurements and trial print tests.


          I also set it to print only 1 label as the label sheets I recall were symmetrical so they could be inserted from either narrow-end to print one at a time as needed.


          I did not relay on an Avery template, as none of them ever worked for me without tweaking the margins and column widths, even for 30-up address labels.

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            Awesome, thanks for your help. I will set this up and give it a shot.

            Sounds simple.


            Thanks for your time in replying to my question.