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    Image Files Stored Online



      I am trying to figure out what the best way is to display images on a FMP12 Form. I have a bookstore with about 7000 items and want to display a cover photo for each book along with descriptions and pricing information. I want to make the db available to my clients to download onto their iPad or iPhone. My clients do not need editing capabilities. I want to keep the db file as small as possible. The images are between 7 - 20 KB each. Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Stephen Huston

          It all sounds good. What are you having trouble with?

          Q. The creation of the small images for thumbnails without storing the larger images in the file?


          A. In 12, you can build your database off-line, insert by reference showing a thumbnail of the size you want, and then run a script to loop through the records and set another container field with Set Field using the new Get Thumbnail function to populate the 2nd container with the actual thumbnail FILE generated for the first container. The second container will then be independent of the first container.


          You can then import/export just the fields you need, without the first container field, to the FMP12 file for your users, and it will contain only the new thumbnail-sized images.


          NOTE: FM12's Help system fully documents how to set the calculation for the Get Thumbnail based on the other container field to get the size you want.

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            Thanks, Stephen. I will have to spend some time learning from the help system that you mentioned. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. To answer your question, yes, a thumbnail image would definately be the way to go if they have to be an integral part of the db. If it is a reference to an online folder, I guess, the size wouldn't be that important, at least if we are talking about 20 KB or 100 KB per image.


            What kind of field do I need to create in FMPro12 to hold the reference to the online folder?


            Also, if i needed to import the images into the database, can that process be automated or do I need to copy/past 7,000 images into a container field? 


            Thank you very much for your time.

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              Stephen Huston

              I think what you are looking for is the Import from Folder command. This will allow bulk additions of image files into the file.


              A regular container field will handle a Folder Import BY Reference Only.

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                Thanks again, Stephen.

                Please excuse my ignorance (I am very new to FileMaker) but what exactly are the commands that you were talking about: "Import from Folder Command" and "Folder Import by Reference".

                Thank you for your time and willingness to help.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  In the Menu Bar, use the File > Import > Folder command to bring in all the images in a directory.




                  This will allow you to set up the field mapping for where the various pieces of image info and the image file itself are stored in new records.


                  Consult the FileMaker Help system in the FM Pro/Advanced Help menu for details of setting up field mapping for the import.

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                    Thanks again, Stephen. The Import from Folder worked. I'll try o figure out some of the suggestions that you made and do my reading homework