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    Error 607


      Database "Coupon DB.fmp12" could not be uploaded to "filewin:/d:/Program Files/Data/Databases/". (d:Program FilesDataDatabases (Access is denied))


      I am getting this error when i am trying to upload a database to the server. I just uploaded a few databases earlier to the same location so I definatly do have access. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem. I ran a recover and no problems were found on the database.


      The upload says it completed successful but doesnt post and the 607 error comes up.

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          Stephen Huston

          I'm unable to find a reference to Error 607.


          I asume you are atempting this upload via the FM Server 12 Admin Panel.


          Try quiting the Admin tool and logging in to it afresh to make sure your connection is clean and good permissions before starting the upload.

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            The only "error code" for FMServer that I could find:

                 607  Informational  XDBC connections are allowed.

            And that doesn't seem to fit your problem, felipe.



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              Stephen Huston

              The listing for 607  which Beverly found doesn't really call it an ERROR code, but an informational code.


              I am a bit suspicious that the message may be from the a System Error rather than a FM Server error, but it's equally as likely that FM12 involves some error codes not yet covered in the exiting documentation.


              I am forwarding this thread to Dave Simerly for FMI consideration. At least he may be able to report about what 607 may mean in this context.

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                Right, Stephen, it's listed as a code returned on FMS in the "event log messages" (KB#7275).


                This article says for Server 11.x, but I don't believe it changed for 12.


                I don't see any codes for "access" that would be what felipe says was displayed. I often take screen shots of these kinds of dialogs when they appear.


                Checking other log files may be helpful here. felipe doesn't specify the platform or we could make other suggestions.


                Excellent suggestion to contact Dave. This is as holiday weekend for many, so you may not reach him.



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                  Stephen Huston

                  I forward a pointer to this thread to Dave with a note that we can't find documentation of the reported error. Maybe we'll hear back after the holiday.

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                    Hey Felipe: I suspect that Stephen's suspicion is correct (as usual). In addition to not being mentioned in FMS Help, there is also no mention of such an error in the FM Knowledge Base. So I doubt that it is one of ours.


                    Googling "windows error 607" returns a surprising (or maybe not) diversity of results. This guy explains how to fix it, but doesn't really explain what is causing the problem. This page says that it's a corrupted registry entry, and provides a free download that will supposedly fix the problem. They also list symptoms that result from the problem which are very similar to what you are seeing. Their page says that it was updated 2 days ago, so if you believe it, then it is very recent. I tend to take everything on the web with a grain of salt though unless it's coming from the horse's mouth, which in this case would be Microsoft. This Wiki-Errors site does seem to corroborate that 607 may have to do with some sort of system corruption though.


                    Finally, looking up the error at Microsoft.com returned this as one of the results:


                    An internal error occurred.

                    • Check the networking configurations for your computer.

                    • Make sure all devices are functional.

                    • For more information about diagnosing a problem, click Start, and then click Help and Support.



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                      Hey, did we ask you how you are trying to upload? FTP or ?? or through the Server Admin Console?




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                        Through the Server admin Control

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                          When i was uploading the database in the server admin control it stated that the upload was successful despite the fact that it said it could not upload a zipped file, even though it was not a zipped file. When i looked in the server log it stated Error 607 database could not be uploaded since it was a zipped file.


                          After that i just moved the file over to the auto update folder (drag and drop) and it appeared in the database list as closed. I opened it and now it works fine. I am not sure why but it does. So for now my problem is solved but i would like to know what happened.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            Had the copy of the file you were uploading been last saved as a compressed FM copy, and not again opened in FMP since saving? Just trying to image why the admin panel would think an FMP12 file was a Zip...

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                              It was never compressed