Getting the Last 90 Days in a Simple Script

Discussion created by greengk2fi on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by greengk2fi

I can't believe I'm having trouble with somethin so simple. I've written a script to open a window, go to a layout, find a date range, and sort records. It all seems to work fine except for the date range. To find the date range I have the simple script below.

Perform Quick Find [tblService::ServiceDate ≥ (Get ( CurrentDate ) - 90)]


Yet for some reason, I'm not getting the appropriate records in the results.


When I access the layout itself and find based on a date greater than say 2/24/2012, it all works fine as well. It must be something in my script; but I thought days could be subtracted from a date without any conversion.


Any help is appreciated.