My Pomodoro Tracker -- Your Criticism Welcome

Discussion created by slraymond on May 24, 2012

I'm pretty much a novice with FM, but after about 4 or 5 months I feel I have developed some rather useful tools. I wanted to put this in front of the community for critique.


This is a time and task manager for users of the Pomodoro Technique (link). If you're familiar with the technique, I expect you'll find the UI approachable.


I am aware of a couple weaknesses in the design. Most notable is the crudeness of the timers.


Dashboard shows record view of tasks assigned. These might be created on the fly, or pulled from the Activity Inventory, which is a separate layout, and is visible through a portal in each task record.


Quick Start:


1. Create a task for today by adding a new record: Set the date, name the task, and estimate how many 25-minute periods it will take to complete the task (tab order leads you through the process).

2. Begin the 25-minute timer. Work on the task non-stop until the timer expires (as of now, scripts will interrupt without error catching, so do not leave the layout).

3. If you experience internal interruptions (e.g. a brainstorm, remembering something else that needs to be done, discovering a necessary follow-up task) or external interruptions (e.g. a phone call), first tally the interruption using the increment/decrement buttons on the left, then note your pending response to the interruption as an Unplanned task in the "Unplanned" portal. If the interruption will surely interrupt your work and you cannot avoid it at all (e.g. the dog peed on your foot), tally the interruption and cancel the timer.

4. Once the timer dings (and only then), you have completed a Pomodoro. Tally it using the increment/decrement buttons on the left.

5. After the first three completed Pomodoros, set a 4-minute break timer. After the fourth Pomodoro, take a 15-minute break.

6. During breaks, click "Manage Unplanned" to convert unplanned tasks to activities (items will be deleted from Unplanned). Activities will remain in your inventory until you convert them to tasks during beginning of day/beginning of week planning sessions.

6. Repeat until end of work day.


My To-Do's:


- Fix the timers.

- Add a reporting/analysing tool for those who fully utilize the technique, and wish to assess their time usage.