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Web Application access to a FM Server Advanced 12 solution

Question asked by edwardlscott on May 25, 2012

I am building a solution to replace an outdated application that used Windows SQL as its data receptacle. The solution will replace both the client-server app itself and the SQL database it uses.


Prior to my replacement project beginning, the customer already had a project underway to develop a Web App that would allow their customers to place orders on line (no "Cart" involved) and to review their old orders. Now, they would like to re-engineer the Web App (it was largely finished) to read/write from my FM 12 solution file directly.


The Web App will be run on an ISP's hosting service running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, and the Web App development environment has been .NET/C#. I suggested to the Web App developer that he use the Filemaker API and handle this project as a Custom Web Publishing project. He didn't like this approach, and wants to use ODBC.


I've looked around the FM site and can't really determine whether this is entirely possible (seems it is since it is written about), and if so, where do I download the specific driver I need to provide the Web App developer. Articles that mention how to do what I'm trying to do say download the driver from but it is not directly mentioned there.


Assuming I can find the correct ODBC driver that will run in the Web App's target Windows environment, then I am assuming that whether I can do this or not will depend on the ISP's willingness (or NOT) to install this driver for use by the Web App. (This also seems unlikely to me, but I'll ask - if I can identify and find the required driver.)


Any guidance is much appreciated.