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Code for Product

Question asked by moj6054 on May 25, 2012

I have a Group Table in in this table have some record (Board,CT,Cable ,....) and each record have some ID like (200;210;220;....)


and a product table, two table linke with category:categoryID ----- product::categoryID




in product table when I want add new record first choose category (example Board) and then add product description (example PWM), Qty (10) price (15$) and....


Now I want a script do this:


when I choose category, go to category board and how many record i add before (example 5) and then create a new code for this last record some code like:2006 ( is 6 record in this group)


and again for new record in CT group :2101(1 for first record in this group and for second 2102 and ...)


in Cable group :2201








for add each recotd in each group , add new code for last product


thank you for your help.


i use this database for my stock, and I want to add code for product in each group.