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Printing Issues

Question asked by tmilas on May 26, 2012

Hi Everyone,


Have the following question:


I have a solution with multiple layouts, and in order to print these certain layouts I put the buttons: "PRINT LABEL," "PRINT CHECK LIST," etc.

The problem is that different layouts shall be printed using different printers. The buttons have scripts that supposed to do Print Setups and Print(s).

Key is, that I want the user to click the button and not to worry about selecting printers and doing setups via PRINT menu.


It works partially, but in certain applications the stubborn FileMaker switches the Print Setup to its liking. It goes to right printer, but picks the paper size from Label Printer.

Seems like Zebra printer setup prevails and prints on color laser teeny part of my Letter size report.


I noticed that there is a choice on the bottom right corner: Default Driver or FM driver... But chosing one or another doesn't do any good.


What's the proper procedure for scripting in this mess. I even tried to trigger script for Print Setup and Printer selection when switching to the layout... it keeps changing

paper size to whatever I setup for the Zebra, i.e. teeny instead of Letter size.


I'm driven to insanity by now.